Your Secret Garden

Achieve Inner Peace in Your Secret Garden

I think of this journey as a path to freedom. The ultimate freedom in my mind is the freedom from any externals. What I mean by externals is whatever situation you find yourself in and whatever other people say and do. Being free means nothing external to your self can destroy your peace, happiness or effectiveness. It puts the power in your own hands where it always was even if you didn't realize it. There are no victims here.


Welcome to Your Secret Garden. This space was designed to be an oasis for anyone seeking empowerment, peace, and happiness. I'm Tom Watts, Professional Life Coach, and I designed this space to be an oasis. The articles I share here often draw on client experiences from my many years as a Life Coach. Hopefully these experiences that have led others to empowerment, success and happiness can do the same for you.

There are no strings attached. I offer this because I think it's unfortunate that so many people live with unhappiness and limitations just because they don't realize that happiness, peace and empowerment are so accessible. Our society, more often than not, supports fear based and limited concepts that simply are not true. One of the surprises for me early in my career was the realization that the beliefs that limit people were the same whether they were jail inmates, at risk teenagers, or Fortune 500 CEOs. But it makes perfect sense.

There is no need to subscribe to any particular religion or philosophy to experience the benefits of what is offered here. You choose the paths you feel are right for you. Trust your own instincts to show you what resonates as truth and what doesn't.

So wander at your own pace and utilize whatever works for you. Welcome.

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